Master classes and Workshops in physical theater



mime, clowning, stage combat, motion capture, mask making, full body puppetry, original choreography development, and story development.

Professional training program

Limited number of spots available. Our program affords a very select number of student hands on training alongside our team as we develop new theater projects. They are invited to work with us behind the scenes to deepen their understanding of the dynamic and poetic role of the body in performance and hone their skills as both artists and technicians of physical theater.

Lectures for post-secondary educational institutions



Theo Williams Ph.D

Dr. Theodorus is a world class performer and contemporary thought leader. As an expert in physical theater he chooses to present many of his ideas in a vivid and innovative way. He travels internationally teaching, performing, and directing ground breaking theatrical works. He holds a Ph.D in Worship Studies, Masters in Mime, B.S. in Social Work, and a Shodan (black belt) in Karate. He has traveled the world studying Corporeal Mime, Ballet, Jazz, Fencing, Acrobatics, Japanese Swordplay, Mixed Martial Arts Stage Fighting, and Physical Theatre. Master instructors Todd Farley and Marilyn Clark Farley are some of his more well known teachers as well as the world famous Maestro Marcel Marceau.

He loves helping shape contemporary culture through artful experiences that embodies beauty, truth, and love. Often his audience will experience first hand a sacred connection between the secular and the divine. He believes in the importance of healthy communities, and making the arts accessible to everyone.

Jolie Williams Ph.D

Dr. Jolie Williams, affectionately known as “Jolie Canoli”,  is a celebrated storyteller both as a story book creator and physical theater entertainer. She uses  stylized movement, music, words, puppetry, and illustrations to masterfully weave her web of educational and awe inspiring content. She shines brightest when creating original works that are both playful and heart warming. As a sought after speaker, she brings an informed view of the arts as a Master of Mime and Doctorate of philosophy in worship arts. Personally mentored by renown mime Marilyn Clark Farley, she has also trained under several other revered physical theater performers including Todd Farley, Corrine Soum, Steven Wasson, and the legendary Marcel Marceau.

Gary Ostrander B.M.A

Gary studied telecommunications and physical theater in college. When he’s not creating new media and theater, you can find him hanging out w friends and family. His other passions in life are life long learning, retro music and the game of golf.

Jessica Ostrander

Jessica loves art, people, and stories (not necessarily in that order). She loves empowering others through story and as a result has worked as a vis dev artist and entertainer in television and film.  In college she studied fine art, art education, children’s theater, and mime. She believes stories are powerful because they give us eyes to see ourselves and others for who we truly are.